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The Making Of... Stillpoint

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ATL | 16:29 UK time, Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Time for another 'The Making Of' as we find out what makes our favourite bands tick. Ahead of his band's new EP coming out next month, it's over to Dave from kings of the hefty riff - Stillpoint!


The first record I bought, or remember buying, was Chef from South Park - 'Chocolate Salty Balls'. I'm not really sure what that says about me, but there you go!

The last record I bought was Easy Meat by LaFaro - we caught them in Edinburgh while we were on tour. I'd never actually seen them before and they blew my mind. Bit late off the mark with that one...

Just about every gig I've ever been to has made me want to be in a band. Every now and again though I go to a gig and the bands are so tight and so good I think, "S***... I suck. I don't ever want to play in a band again" ha ha! But the one musician that inspired me to start performing...well - I started performing karaoke when I was three years old and I always used to sing Daniel O'Donnell songs. That is probably my deepest darkest secret and I've probably just lost any respect I ever had, but come on - I was three years old! What were my parents thinking!?

The last gig Stillpoint watched together was probably that Lafaro gig - we're too busy being skint musicians to be able to actually go out and enjoy music! It's one of the great banes of doing what we do... Still, we usually get in free whenever we play!

The last album we listened to together was 'Rolling Papers' by Wiz Khalifa. We were on our way to a gig and Will was playing all that Metal Core c**p he's into. Finally, after a few hours of us complaining he put on Wiz. I'd never heard him before (very cultured I am) but after a few tunes I was loving it! We're all into fairly different stuff... Will's mad about Metal Core at the minute, Jack's much more into his old school metal. I'm pretty into progressive instrumental stuff at the minute... it's all diverse, but it seems to work out ok.

I know there are a few bands we'd very happily share the stage with night after night, but I'm gonna say Droids as they're so new and I'm really excited to see where they're gonna go.

If we could have anyone join the band though, I'd simply say - a singer! I don't care who as long as they can sing well and fit in. I don't want someone famous cause I don't wanna become 'X and Stillpoint', but I've said to the lads a few times I'd love to get a singer in so I could just go a bit more mad on the guitar. I'd still chuck in backing vocals.

Our one and only cover was 'Everlong' by the Foos. We were asked for an encore one night and didn't have one, so we had to play our first song again haha! After that we knocked together a version of 'Everlong' and threw it out the next time we were asked for an encore. Probably not a great choice being a three piece, but everyone knows it and it seemed to go down well!

As for a guilty pleasure - Wiz Khalifa might be fairly surprising I suppose. For me, I'm a huge fan of Gillian Welch (and David Rawlings). I think they're one of the best duos since Simon and Garfunkel/ Love to chill to a bit of that every now and again!


Stillpoint launch the EP 'Some Lessons Hurt Like the Truths They Contain' with a show at Belfast's Voodoo on Thursday 2nd August. Support on the night comes from Deadlights, Window Seats and Droids.


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