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The Making Of... Seven Summits

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ATL | 14:19 UK time, Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Seven Summits album launch


This week we go under the bonnet of Seven Summits, ahead of the release of their new single 'The Worrier' and second album 'Fossils'. Responsible for 'Burning Heart', one of the finest, dreamiest and down-right lovable tracks ATL has played in recent times, this is a band on the verge of getting everything they deserve. Over to frontman Rory Nellis to find out what makes him (and his band) tick!


The first record I bought was The Muppet Show album. 'Halfway Down the Stairs' was and always will be a great tune. The last one was 'Love At The Bottom Of The Sea' by The Magnetic Fields. Love their work!

As for the people who inspired me to make music in the first place - it has to be The Beatles.


My first gig would have been Ash in the Limelight. Crowdsurf central! I just went in a loop from crowd to bouncer all night. Great stuff.

The last gig we went to (as a band outing) was Bombay Bicycle Club at Mandela. So melodic and intricate. One of the bands we can all agree on.

The Last album the band were collectively influenced by would have to be Bombay Bicycle Club again - 'A Different Kind Of Fix'. Simply outstanding. The kind of album that either inspires you or makes you want to become a barista.

If we could pick a local band to share a stage with every night - well, we're both good friends with and massive fans of Master and Dog. Great lads and great tunes. Their new album is a bar raiser.

If we could have one person join our band, anyone in the world - it's gotta be Bill Clinton on sax.

We only do covers for a laugh in practice. I seem to recall we murdered AM180 a few times at the start. Our last attempt at a cover was 'Dont Let Go' by En Vogue. We're ever so slightly obsessed with that tune at the minute. Every party.

My personal guilty pleasure is possibly Carole King or Crystal Gayle. I'll take full responsibility for that though. The others are all 100% "cool"!


The new Seven Summits single 'The Worrier' is out on July 20 followed by an album 'Fossils' due for release on August 16.


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