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The Making Of... RunawayGo

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ATL | 17:19 UK time, Tuesday, 31 July 2012


On this week's radio show we featured both Forfey and Tanglewood, festivals taking place in Enniskillen and Newry this weekend. So who better to chat to than the only band playing both. Here's Chris Jackson to give us a guided tour of the good ship RunawayGo....


The first record I bought was REM's 'Automatic For The People'. There was a copy in my house for about a year that belonged to my uncle and I listened to it constantly when I was about 14. Eventually, he took it back so I saved up and bought it for myself. It's an amazing record and I still keep going back to it.

More recently - I just bought the latest Gaslight Anthem album, 'Handwritten'. I've only had it for a few days but it's great!

My first gig was Muse in the Ulster Hall - 2004. They were supported by a great local band called Element, who've now gone on to form In Case Of Fire and I was totally blown away by the entire gig. It was just one of those shows that completely takes your head off and although I'd been messing around in bands for a couple of years at that point, it changed my whole attitude and made me determined to start a serious band.

The one musician that inspired you me start performing was probably Bruce Springsteen. He's one of the few artists that seems to have always been in my head as far back as I can clearly remember. He's been making the music he wants to make for decades and just feels like a force of nature that'll never give up. Every time I listen to his music or watch one of his gigs, it just makes me want to be a better musician.

The last gig RunawayGo watched together was More Than Conquerors at Glasgowbury. They tore the place apart. We're all big fans of the most recent Bon Iver album. A few of us had been listening to his earlier stuff but it wasn't until the latest album that we all really got into it. I don't think anybody was quite expecting it to sound the way that it does and it just knocked us for six.

Having said that, we've all got quite different musical tastes, at least when it comes to our favourite bands. But we always seem to come together on Jeff Buckley. 'Grace' has kind of become a reference point for us, there's rarely a week that goes by were somebody doesn't use it as an example of what we should be trying to do.

There's so many local acts we'd happily share a stage with every night. We're good friends with Ram's Pocket Radio, More Than Conquerors, Silhouette, etc and I'd say we could happily tour with any of them until we were old & grey. We probably wouldn't get much done though!

I think anybody who has grown up with Nirvana & Foo Fighters would want Dave Grohl in their band. I'd love to see what he would do with our stuff and if he'd be into it. If he's busy, then that old bloke who dances on-stage with Snoop Dogg. He'd fairly liven things up.

The first cover version we ever did was was 'Come Together' by The Beatles. We played it at our first couple of shows. We covered 'If There's A Rocket Tie Me To It' by Snow Patrol a while ago, which was a lot of fun.

As for a guilty pleasure? I'm a massive Michael Buble fan and I'm not sorry.

Maybe Muse and Buble aren't so different after all?


RunawayGo play Forfey in Enniskillen on Friday and Tanglewood outside Newry on Saturday.



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