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That New Band Smell: Murdock

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ATL | 16:20 UK time, Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Carrie Davenport returns to treat our ears to some of the best in metal, thrash and hardcore currently avalible for your listening pleasure.


Dead label

Hailing from Kildare dead label are a three piece who have achieved a great deal in very little time playing! Signed to rising records last year their debut album sense of slaughter was released this February and they supported machine head in belfast at the end of may so definitely one to keep an eye (or ear) on.

Apache Gunship

First off there are too many bad band names in northern Irish music but this one resets the balance - what's not to love about it!!! Larne based thrash heads these guys are influenced by the big four and wear their influences with pride!! With no real lead guitarist they have a great split of charging rhythm guitar and bass with a blend of vocals showing they can sing as well as scream


3 piece hardcore but their lack of numbers does nothing to affect their sound! Championing the DIY ethics of their punk heroes they record, promote and basically do everything themselves! With 2 albums under their belts these guys are relatively new to the north but well established on the other side of the border! 


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