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NI Olympic Soundtrackers Speak to ATL

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ATL | 14:04 UK time, Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Alex Trimble from Two Door Cinema Club and Belfast producer David Holmes have both spoken to Across the Line about their involvement with the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games on Friday night.

Alex, who sang the lead on a specially composed song 'Caliban's Dream' explained to ATL presenter Rigsy on this week's show how he was obliged to keep his role a secret until the very last minute.  "Kev and Sam (from Two Door Cinema Club) knew from the beginning but no one else, none of my family none of my friends. I had to sign a load of contracts a load of papers saying I wasn’t gonna say anything."

Alex also explained how he dealt with singing to a TV audience of over one billion people. "It didn’t feel real - it was hard to kind of process. I didn’t get nervous at all before I went on because the whole thing just felt so surreal" the singer explained.

"Friday night was actually the fourth time I’d seen the ceremony because I’d been around the stadium all week doing rehearsals and stuff. That definitely made me feel more comfortable".

As for working with Danny Boyle, who directed the show and selected the music alongsideUnderworld's Rick Smith, Alex told ATL:  "We just sat down and had a coffee and chatted about a month ago - it was really nice and personal. I knew anytime I needed either of the guys they'd be around - Rick was there at every rehearsal and he would come and sit with me, talk me through things and explain everything so again it felt very personal, which is amazing given it was such a massive event."

"They explained this was something for everybody and there wasn't to be a spotlight shone on any particular person. I learned how the Olympics are about young athletes coming through the ranks and how they wanted to reflect that in the ceremony. I just thought that was totally amazing".

David Holmes, who's track 'I Heard Wonders' was used for a montage about the Olympic Flame, admitted his involvement wasn't quite as hands on.  




"I’ve been quite oblivious to the whole thing to be honest" the soundtrack composer admitted to ATL. "My wife rang me up screaming and I thought - what’s wrong! ‘I'd actually forgot about it. In fact, I was having breakfast with a couple of people that I’m working with and I just casually mentioned - "Oh I got a track licenced for the Olympic opening ceremony" and didn’t really think that it was gonna be so exposed in the way it was - I mean, they played the entire thing! It seemed to go down really well and ignited a lot of interest in the track again which is great."


'Homer' also told ATL of his respect for the opening ceremony's creative director, Danny Boyle.  "The guy is an amazing film maker - I mean you just list his credits and say no more, really. He's a guy that anyone would give their right arm to work with so for him to actually choose one of my tracks, that is obviously really flattering. It’s just great to be a part of something like that with such a great filmmaker" David told us.

During this week's show David Holmes also revealed that he had five or six new tracks of his own that are currently being worked up and will be finished on his return to his native Belfast.

You can see Alex's performance and hear how David's track was used by watching the ceremony on the BBC iPlayer.

You can listen again to both interviews in full on this week's ATL on the BBC iPlayer here.



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