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Gig of the Week: Glasgowbury

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ATL | 16:25 UK time, Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Glasgowbury 2012 poster


Given it's our biggest day out of the year and something we've been looking forward to since, well since last summer..... it's very hard to see past Glasgowbury for this week's GOTW. So we didn't!

This Saturday then, it's back up the mountain for a day in the company of a few thousand like minded souls and the most varied and curious collection of bands Glasgowbury has had on offer in it's twelve year history.

But who to speak to? Well, we put out a facebook message to a random selection of bands and comedians on the bill asking 'in a sentence, why are you looking forward to Saturday?' Here's what they said:

'Rock music on top of a mountain, it's like meeting Optimus Prime' - Glenn Rosborough, Intermission.

'If you book me....I will come' - Colin Geddis, Comedian.

'Glasgowbury - a reason to get my hair cut by someone other than myself' - Eoin O'Callaghan, Best Boy Grip.

'Flights to Glasgow booked - can't wait' - Michael Aicken, The Jepettos.

'It's my first ever Glasgowbury!!!! Bring it' - Ryan Vail.

'I'm skint. In the words of Aloe Blacc - I need a dollar' - Ryan Hand, Comedian.

'I'm looking forward to wearing my new wellies, the dancing uncorns...and the banter....' - Katie Richardson, Katie & the Carnival

'Put it this way, even if I wasn't performing, I'd ****ing be there' - Colin Geddis (obviously feeling guilty about his first attempt)

The point is, every act on the bill that we've spoken to about Glasgowbury has behaved like a punter, rather than a performer. They're on about who they want to see, what they plan to drink and where they might be camping. Which as far as we're concerned, is just about the biggest compliment a festival could ever get. See you up the mountain!


Glasgowbury 2012 takes place this Saturday near Eagles Rock, outside Draperstown. Headliners include Therapy?, The Japanese Popstars, Fighting with Wire and Lafaro.


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