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Pigstock 2012 - Tieranniesaur

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ATL | 19:54 UK time, Saturday, 2 June 2012


Gem Saloon, 3.50pm June 2nd

Describe in a tweet: There's always one. Unfortunately they came a long way….

What happened: Not much, for quite a long time. We're assume there's been some kind of catastrophic fail on this stage - a few sound guys look flustered and this is an awfully long line check. Punters get bored waiting and leave before, with all but five minutes of their slot gone, Dublin five piece Tieranniesaur finally come to life. Only to flatline again as lengthy gaps between songs start to fry our collective heads. Possibly not their fault, mind.

Silk Purse: Somewhere in the distance is a whiff of absolute greatness. 'Here Be Monsters' is one of many little gems this band have recorded and while today doesn't do it justice, we're still recommending that last album of theirs. Just make sure your speakers are working at home.

Sow's Ear: An explanation as to exactly what was happening up there would have helped us hang around and get on your side…..

Pigstock rating: 5/10


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    Hi, unfortunately there were technical difficulties on the stage/festival's end of things. As you noted, we had a lengthy line check while things were being sorted and had to stop mid gig due to more difficulties. I'm not quite sure what the problems were. Thanks for taking the time to come see us. FWIW we really enjoyed the rest of pigstock!


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