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Pigstock 2012 - Pocket Billiards

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ATL | 18:02 UK time, Sunday, 3 June 2012

Pocket Billiards


Mainstage, 7.40pm June 2nd 

Tweet: A tweet?! Two words will do - PARTY TIME.

What happened: Pocket Billiards bring the party - this we know. Perhaps riled up following a triumphant 10th birthday gig in Belfast last month or keen to somehow top a raucous set at Pigstock in 2010, Pocket Billiards are going harder than ever. Eleven musicians seemingly having the time of their lives, giving their all to every single note, practically shaking us, demanding we have even half as much fun as they're having. 'Dirty Money' and a particulaly bouncy 'Molly' represent their reliably fun debut album, while a notably intense 'Robot Repeat' and the brilliantly daft 'Tetrisaurus Rex' show the colour of their second. It's the debut that 'wins' out though - the majority of tracks in tonight's set are old, with 'Spide' and the inevitable carnage that comes with 'Belfast Town' bringing them home.

Pro: At least two cases of 'taps aff' by the end of the set (and that was just onstage).

Con: 'So Many People So Little Time' remains this reviewers favourite PB song, but where were the airhorns?! A few airhorns would have got you a 9, guys....

Rating: 8/10



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