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Pigstock 2012 - Not Squares

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ATL | 17:44 UK time, Sunday, 3 June 2012

not square pigstock 2012


Gem Saloon, 645pm June 2nd

Its hip to be Not Square.

What Happened: They decided to showcase a lot of the material. This worked. It worked very well judging by the crowd reaction of dancing in a slow frenzy. The new material itself is a change from what has gone before, rooted more in soundtrack and 70s futurism than the dance-punk-funk of their debut album, with more stripped back beats and slow funk rather than angular electro-dance. This is then topped off with a sweet cherry when the old material does appear and the pleasantly filled tent loses its collective mind in an extremely friendly way.

Pro: Asgood as the new material is, there's not much that can beat the one-two punch of 'Asylum' and 'Release The Bees', both of which descend or ascend into crowd-chanting party times.

Con: It may be because of earlier delays but the set feels short - we want more!

Rating: 8


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