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Pigstock 2012 - Colly Strings

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ATL | 18:37 UK time, Saturday, 2 June 2012


Main Stage 8.25pm June 1st

Describe in a Tweet: These Colly's aren't no dogs, and ain't String-ing us along either..

What Happened: Our first full band of the weekend, and they set the bar for others to follow. They've been on a hiatus for a while, and come back with a set of mostly new and currently unnamed material, that continues in the vein of their sky-chasing American tinged indie-rock rooted in funky rhythms. And, they've not dumped the old favourites as 'To The River' makes an appearance, still as stadium in waiting as ever.

Silk Purse: Their comfort and ease on-stage, showing that they have the confidence in this new material, and a willingness to have a laugh, joking that the biggest cheer is for the weather.

Sow's Ear: The new material is a little too new and needs road-tested and scuzzed up a bit to fit in, particularly in a festival like Pigstock which has a history of heavier music.


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