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Django Django - Limelight, Belfast

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ATL | 10:38 UK time, Tuesday, 26 June 2012

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Django Django, Third Man Theme
Limelight, Belfast
Friday 22nd June

On an absolutely horrendous day a soaked crowd fills up a crowded and noisy Limelight seeking shelter from the storm but primarily to witness the rising unique and exciting talents of the brit quartet Django Django.

First up we have local act Third Man Theme and to be honest they don’t get off to a great start.The vocals of Matthew Roger, whilst reminiscent of David Byrne are loud and difficult to decipher. Musically there are flashes of brilliance, with good use of synth and precise drumming but having heard this trio before I was feeling rather let down as their live material doesn’t yet translate as coherently as their studio endeavors.

By the time Django Django take to the stage, the Limelight has filled to capacity and the atmosphere is electric. The Edinburgh-based four piece open with ‘Introduction’ (no surprises here) which builds the atmosphere to fever pitch for a high octane and extended rendition of ‘Hail Bop’, the tone has been set for the evening with an innovative and exciting blend of electro synths melded with psychedelic surf beats.

Performing on the back of their critically acclaimed debut, Django Django are pleased to be playing to such a bouncy and energetic audience and respond in kind. ‘Waveforms’ is a great fusion of clear and powerful vocals and eclectic beats. At times all four members get stuck into percussion and create a hypnotizing rhythm that has the crowd near delirium. ‘Default’, arguably their biggest track is echoey and dynamic with a sound that is well suited to the live arena.

With ‘Lifes a beach’ we get a breather with a surf pop epic that captures the the essence of The Beach Boys, The Lively Ones and The Pyramids and translating it to a sodden Belfast. Its refreshing and it lights up the room. The rapturous applause following final track ‘Wor’ is evidence in itself that there is hardly a disappointed soul in the room. We have been given the perfect antidote to a miserable night on the regulation disappointment that is a summer in Belfast.

David Smith




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