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The Subways - The Limelight, Belfast

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ATL | 10:46 UK time, Wednesday, 2 May 2012

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The Subways, The Funeral Suits, Empty Lungs
The Limelight, Belfast
Friday 27th April

In the grungy setting of The Limelight, Empty Lungs take to the stage promptly after doors opening, making for an early set and resulting in a rather lacking audience. That being said, it didn’t stop the lads from giving it their all. They dive straight into their punk-rock set with the thick basss lines of ‘Running in Circles’ which is delivered with sincerity. While these guys can easily be described as American-post-hardcore, the thick Belfast-punk vocals allow us not to forget where this trio were born and bred. The set is full of punk-tastic riffs and heavy drum beats, with clear enthusiasm throughout.

Next we have our second support of the evening,  Dublin's The Funeral Suits. While the name might suggest all doom and gloom, it’s not entirely the case. The guys take a modest presence on stage and kick start their set with the futuristic synths in the very aptly named ‘Stars are Spaceships’ which is soon joined by a heavy foundation of rhythm. This pop-rock get-up are instantly likable, and while it is not always easy to please a crowd awaiting their headliners, the lads are far from ignored. They have an epic sound and at times the vocals can feel quite chilling, but with their often electronica led melodies and flavours of MGMT it feels ceremonious.

As the float-y and familiar melody from Willy Wonka fills the now packed out venue, an intense build up introduces our main act of the night, The Subways. As the English indie rockers storm the stage, the eruption around the room makes it apparent this is what we have all been waiting for. From the get go the contagious energy coming off the stage is unreal. They kick start their lively set with one of their hits ‘Oh Yeah’, which prompts an over whelming sing back.

These guys completely own the room and it is easy to see why they have formed such a cult following over the years. Belting out track after track, their sound has a feel of Damon Albarn meets No Doubt, like Brit- Pop gone underground. Clear hits of the night can be heard in ‘You Don’t Need Money to Have a Good Time’ and the obvious ‘Rock and Roll Queen’ sends the crowd in to a frenzy. The trio give us what they are known for, fire-y riffs, hard bass lines and thrashing drums, with the acoustic guitar making a guest appearance to show a softer side to their capabilities.

It is fair to say that tonight’s line up gave us our money’s worth.

Sara Larkham


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