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AU Mag Winds Up - Statement

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ATL | 16:55 UK time, Friday, 30 March 2012


AU Mag is set to wind up after losing their main source of funding. The Arts Council of NI have decided not to continue providing money to the magazine after several years. The online version of the magazine is set to continue, however.

A statement from the publishers of AU Mag reads as follows.

"It is with great sadness that we announce that Alternative Ulster was unsuccessful in securing Arts Council funding for 2012/2013. As a result, AU Magazine is being put on hiatus. The website will continue to be run on a voluntary basis, and AU will continue to promote the best of Northern Irish and Irish music, culture and lifestyle in every way it possibly can.

The number of people who made AU Magazine the shining beacon of quality that it was over the almost nine years in which it was published are far too numerous to mention in this statement, as it’s a list that runs long. To each and every writer, designer, photographer, illustrator, intern, assistant, advertiser and individual who worked on or touched AU in any way, we are more grateful than words can express. We are incredibly proud of each one of the 81 issues that we produced, and that this is a testament to the talent, energy and time of each and every person who made it what it was. We literally cannot thank everyone enough. 

We’d also like to give praise to every one of the bands, artists and cultural ventures that we featured over the years. Covering such an immensely vibrant and burgeoning scene has been an absolute privilege and pleasure.

Finally, an enormous thank you to the readers of AU, as without their passion and enthusiasm we simply wouldn’t have existed at all."


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