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Pocket Billiards, The UnProtected, BeeMickSee

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ATL | 11:20 UK time, Wednesday, 15 February 2012



Pocket Billiards, The UnProtected, BeeMickSee 


Tuesday 14th Feb 

It’s Valentine’s night down at Voodoo, but if you’ve gone down hoping to get yourself a date for the evening then you’ve probably come to the wrong place. The eclectic mix provided by the Octabomb DJs sets the tone for the evening and if you think you’re down for a quiet drink with your significant other then think again.

BeeMickSee is tonight’s first act as he takes to the stage in his trademark baseball cap and kappa tracksuit top. Immediately grabbing the audience’s attention with his cheeky brand of Norn Iron hip-hop, it doesn’t take long before the tracksuit top is off and BeeMickSee raps face to face with his audience. Forever the showman, BeeMickSee isn’t one to lose control of his audience, at one point asking them to perform an exercise routine that would rival Davina McCall’s workout videos. As the audience star jumps along, the rapper throws himself into the crowd once again and gets up close and personal with many of his fans before finishing with the angsty crowd favourite I’m Not Like You.

As The Unprotected roar on stage, it doesn’t take long before the rock ‘n’ roll hi-jinks to get into full swing. Lead singer St Dave, dressed in a very unique denim jacket and a pair of leopard print pants, isn’t one to succumb to stage fright as he throws himself into a crowd of groupies at the front before returning to the stage to quite literally sing from the rafters. I can’t make out a single word in any of the songs but it doesn’t really matter. The screeching guitars and pounding drums speak for themselves and the audience cannot take their eyes off the stage antics. A dedication to recently deceased Whitney Houston goes down a storm with a surprisingly melancholy version of I Wanna Dance With Somebody, showing that perhaps behind their sleazy exterior is just a little bit of heart. However, it doesn’t take long before St Dave is on top of the bar, the rest of the band have their tops off and it’s back songs about sex, drugs and rock and roll.

Self-confessed ska punk legends Pocket Billiards are the main act tonight and they get that feeling it’s going to be a messy night. Immediately the crowd pushes forward and starts bouncing along to the trademark trumpets. Songs about drinking fortified wine and being unemployed resonate with this audience as the band dish out old favourites such as Life on the Rocks and Dirty Money. They also treat us to a new song which in true Pocket Billiards fashion goes down an absolute storm and has everyone singing along. They ask if anyone has ever owned a white Kappa jacket, which leads nicely into clear favourite of the evening SPIDE. As sweaty bodies are thrown around the dance floor, only resurfacing for a gasp of air or a swig of beer, it becomes increasingly obvious that not everyone in the audience is going to be struck by Cupid's bow and arrow this evening. For those who are unlucky-in-love however, it doesn’t really matter as Pocket Billiards make sure that this Valentine’s night will definitely be one to remember.

Leigh Forgie



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