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It's Gettin Kinda Heavy

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ATL | 09:17 UK time, Thursday, 16 February 2012

Naturally enough, ATL's playlist has been pretty heavy over the years. Representing a country renowned for it's punk and during an era when Therapy? conquered all, we've not shied away from a little volume. In recent times, however, a gentler brand of music has ruled the roost. If it's not the jangly indie of Two Door Cinema Club, it's epic pop from RAM's Pocket Radio or the glorious low key folk of Our Krypton Son.

Yes, the likes of Lafaro and ASIWYFA have encouraged us to crank it up a little, but for many that's not enough. Thankfully, a whole dirty mess of heavier bands are set for a busy 2012 and, as a result, will be happily welcomed to raise the volume of the average ATL playlist.

Lurgan's Trucker Diablo, for a start. Filed alongside The Answer and Swannee River, TD put their own spin on a traditional rock n' roll racket. The title of recent single 'Drink Beer Destroy' does a better job of summing up what this lot do than any tagline I could dream up. It acts as the bands anthem, with a chorus to roar along to, fists in the air. It's been picked up by Kerrang TV and MTV Australia. Rightly so. Needless to say, festival promoters have come looking.......


Then there's the likes of Enniskillen's Darkest Era, whose Celtic, folk-tinged riffola has earned them a fanbase across Europe while Newry thrash-metal quintet Gama Bomb have taken their chaotic live show even further. Both have big plans for 2012, the former kicking off with a snazzy new video for 'An Ancient Fire Burns', the latter with their forthcoming fourth album.

To give this a little legs, there's new blood knocking around too. Regular listeners will know all about pop punk three-piece Axis Of who's debut album has a couple of potential classics, trust us. Newer still are Larne five piece We Collide, responsible for the biggest riffs and most hecticbass drum action we've heard on the show so far this year.

Anyway, as part of a mild shake up, ATL will invite some new voices on air every Monday to share their take on new music in Northern Ireland. Rock and metal fans should perhaps listen out for Carrie Davenport, a lady who's taste in music goes heavier than anyone in the ATL team. She plans to bring a focus on brand new rock and metal acts to us and represent as best she can a scene within a scene.

In a nutshell, Carrie plans to bring the noise.


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