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GOTW - The Wonder Villains @ Radar, Queens Students Union, Belfast

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ATL | 11:25 UK time, Tuesday, 21 February 2012




We're hardly sticking our necks out this week, I appreciate that. But sometimes you got to play it real safe with a reliable band in a reliable venue. Step forward The Wonder Villains at Radar, Queens. For those of you who haven't been paying attention (and don't think that isn't going on your end of term report, by the way), this lot are one of the finest and definitely the funnest band in Northern Ireland. Two girls, two boys, loads of sass and neon choruses. What's not to like?

"We're regulars at Radar so it's really cool that we get to headline!! It's our first Belfast show this year & our first time having a single launch so we're REALLY EXCITED! Can't waaait!!"

That'll be Eimear Coyle, lead singer.

While hopefully you're sold by this point, it's definitely worth noting that this is a single launch for the track 'Ferrari' and that Pretty Child Backfire, another ATL favourite and brand new all girl rock act Puerile Honey complete a triple bill. Triple SKILL, more like! Eh? EH?!


Wonder Villains, Pretty Child Back Fire and Purile Honey play Radar at Queens Students Union, Belfast this Thursday.


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