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Go Bang: Sea Pinks

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ATL | 17:12 UK time, Monday, 6 February 2012

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Go Bang: Sea Pinks
Pavilion Loft, Belfast

Tonight marks the end of the Pavilion’s popular Go Bang night, and with it ends some of the most eclectic mixes of disco, post-punk, and funk you are likely to hear in a bar anywhere, let alone Belfast. It is a bittersweet parting, but the loft fills quickly, and we know that the last Go Bang is leaving in style and in great company.

It is close to eleven when Sea Pinks appear on the small stage and are immediately greeted with gracious applause. Led by Girls Names drummer Neil Brogan, Sea Pinks provide us with the perfect west coast soundtrack to wish this night a fond farewell.

Having recently supported Warpaint last September to great acclaim, Sea Pinks have proved they possess a great live sound. Throughout their set their music feels like an extension of the night as opposed to a centerpiece. Their Californian surf styles add to the atmosphere of the night, and the bustling, teeming crowd are appreciative. At times it is hard to believe this little three piece is from Northern Ireland, as their music is so similar to the likes of Weezer, The Beach Boys and The Phantom Surfers. This music would be as much at home on the Hermosa Beach as a crowed loft in Belfast.

Perhaps Neil Brogan’s voice is drowned out a little at times, and their set is a little on the short side, but this is easily forgiven as tonight is a celebration of a great night in Belfast coming to an end, hopefully making way for something as wonderfully eclectic as Go Bang! As Sea Pinks depart the stage, the music never stops as the Dj has taken over, and the same mad mix of everything and anything left-field continues throughout the night.

David Smith



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