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Seven Summits at Animal Disco

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ATL | 14:17 UK time, Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Tonight's gig comes in the wake of the news that Animal Disco is soon to be no more. Finishing up on New Years Eve, the club night has given us acts such as And So I Watch You From Afar, Kowalski, and Rams Pocket Radio, to name but a few. There was a large outcry of sadness and disbelief when the announcement was made last week, so it's not surprising to see that a large chunk of Belfast has turned up to the first of it's seven remaining nights.

It's Seven Summits turn on the stage tonight, launching their new single 'I Want Somebody'. Lead singer Rory Nellis takes control of the audience, yelling “Let me hear you say “Eh oh!” Let me hear you say “Oh my lord!”” raising the already electric atmosphere.

The band begins with 'O.K', a calm, spacey and relaxed start to the gig. However, the crowd clearly want something more, so it's time for 'Sooner or Later', where cheers and yelps from the crowd arise after the first couple of notes played. At this point they're already captivating the audience and working so well together, and it doesn't take Seven Summits long to get into it.

Rory announces with some emotion that this is their last Animal Disco ever and decides to move into 'What's With All The Lights?', a melancholic and somewhat rousing tune. If you've ever been to a Seven Summits gig before you'll know that what they’re capable of producing live is sensational, but they also give you something extra, and here they rework and alter subtle aspects of the song, adding a touch of finesse to their performance, an immense incentive to see them live.

Finally it's time for their new single 'I Want Somebody', a disciplined, steady drumbeat leading us in to an almost 80's sounding keyboard intro. It's a change of pace in the night and a change of style for the seemingly multifaceted band, with Seven Summits never ceasing to amaze as they hop from one genre to another, defying the laws of tradition. 'I Want Somebody' combines their typical indie sensibilities with some old school synth, and really speaks to the crowd.

Things shift down a gear with 'The Worrier', a more chilled out and thoughtful effort, and as the band quiets down, so does Auntie Annie's; a sight to be seen. We're in the final part of the gig and this is where 'Burning Heart' comes in, a huge fan favourite, keyboardist Dominic tells us to sing along if we know it, and without hesitation the crowd joins in, the words of the song echoing round the room.

Seven Summits really have shown us their versatility, a frantic and animated 'Play Dominos' bringing a fitting full stop to their set. Throughout the gig the band have shown so many sides to them, from joyful to sad, from ponderous to spontaneous, and they leave the stage having filled up the room with so much energy that it's almost tangible in the air.

James J Magill


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