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Electric Picnic 2011 - The Chemical Brothers

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ATL | 15:15 UK time, Sunday, 4 September 2011

Main Stage, Saturday 3rd September, 12.30am

Describe in a tweet: The Brothers Gonna (Re) Work it Out

The Chemical Brothers at Electric Picnic 2011 by Carrie Davenport - www.carriedavenport.com


What happened: While for many it never grew tired, The Chemical Brothers have been touring a very similar show for many years, with familiar re-workings of songs and deja-vu visuals. For an Irish audience then, tonight feels like the launch of a brand new show. It starts with the gentle wah-wah strains of Another World and a curtain of green lights circling above Tom and Ed, before Do It Again and Get Yourself High set the stall out. Some (simple) visuals are revealed for the brutal Horse Power, while Chemical Beats (from their debut) and Swoon (from their latest) prove this will be a career spanning set. Hey Boy, Hey Girl, Out Of Control and Believe are all rebranded and even mashed into each other, some tracks barely getting a look in as others are allowed to breathe. It toughens up before Galvanize and Block Rockin' Beats bring us home. So yeah, all the hits, a load of the tech-ier sounding new stuff and brave takes on familiar moments. Sounds good? It would have been, if someone reached over and turned it up.

Oh, and the new visuals are hardly a massive improvement - while it's good to (cautiously) welcome back that terrifying clown, they overdo a few motifs - the colourful silhouettes, for a start. But I guess one must welcome change...

Swoon: That glorious and quirky samba take on Star Guitar - always a highlight and impossible not to dance too.

Funeral: So yes, like Arcade Fire earlier, it was way too quiet. What's that all about?! We could have done without hearing every conversation going on around us...

EP rating: 7/10


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