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Electric Picnic 2011 - Big Audio Dynamite

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ATL | 11:53 UK time, Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Electric Arena, Sunday 4th September, 7.35pm

Describe in a Tweet: Famous in the Eighties, grew up in the Sixties, inspired by the Fifties, playing in the Teenies.

What happened: Electric Picnic has a habit of picking acts from yesteryear to appear and Big Audio Dynamite certainly fall into that category: with a few successful hits in their repository this could have been one of those memorable festival moments. The crowd in the Electric Arena isn't a substantial one considering the high billing the band have received but there's a few pockets of fairly hardcore fans singing every word at the front. Most of the tracks are pushing four minutes or more and while they aren't the punchiest numbers we'll hear this year at Stradbally there's a level of inventiveness that piques our attention: the punk drumming is supplemented by early hip hop drum machines and guitars that skirt a fine line between good and the dreaded "dad rock". The Bottom Line recalls Frankie Goes To Hollywood and new track Rob Peter To Pay Paul snatches victory from the jaws of defeat. Lyrically it's a bit of a disappointment (if we had a penny for every mediocre track written about the global financial turmoil we'd have enough to bail out the banks and have a few quid left over) but the classic hooks integrated in the song show that even to this day the band know how to write a decent bit of pop. Fans will have enjoyed this and bystanders will be amused but it's not exactly a thrilling experience.

Different Class: Finale E=MC2 is fun for the sheer crowd reaction, the synth part just before the verse irritating this reviewer all the way home.

I Don't Like Mondays: Tracks have a habit of dragging on a bit. The solos are a little bit too long.

EP rating: 7/10


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