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Vital 2011 - Yes Cadets

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ATL | 13:09 UK time, Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Next Stage, 6.15pm
Tuesday 23rd of September

Describe in a Tweet: Dark horses for one of the best performances at Vital?

Yes Cadets photo by Carrie Davenport


What happened: The last time this reviewer clapped eyes on Yes Cadets they were a band trying to find their feet: they had the catchy songs, but were somewhat confused in terms of their sound. Nearly two years on, that same band have become a slick, professional outfit. Opener 'Canada' and 'Lies' are the only remnants of those days, and they deserve to be in this set, alt-rock with a little disco thrown in for good measure, they've stood the test of time. However, it's the newer material that quickens the heart. The intriguing rhythms and dirty basslines remain, but the guitars have a My Bloody Valentine air about them, with distortion and delay on offer for today. 'Harrier' reminds us that they can still write the uber-catchy hooks when need be, but they're more than bubblegum indie rock now. A very, very pleasing performance.

I'm Yours: Things have just tightened up. Vocally Alan Haslam has never sounded better, and he effortlessly hits the higher notes of his register, while the occasionally haphazard drumming seems more confident and cool.

We Cry: There's still one or two moments during the set where we're losing focus in the band, but they'll have gained a number of new fans with this performance.

Rating: 8/10


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