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Vital 2011 - The Script

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ATL | 11:01 UK time, Thursday, 25 August 2011

Main Stage, 9.20pm
Tuesday 23rd of August

Describe in a tweet: We, begrudgingly, tip our hat.

The Script at vital


What happened: Despite some cruelly (and some may argue, accurately) labelling The Script as "Westlife with guitars", they seem to have sway over a significant proportion of the population. A cursory glance around the crowd tonight reveals people of all ages dancing and singing along from six to sixty years old, with Danny O'Donoghue controlling the crowd from the very first track with wit, grace and a faultless performance. Yes, the music can be a little repetitive. You won't see any crazy guitar solos, any left field influences or songwriting innovation. Yet what they do, they do with aplomb and should be applauded for that.

Tracks like "The Man Who Can't Be Moved" provide the biggest sing along of the day and you can genuinely feel (not just hear) the roar of the crowd in appreciation. "If You Ever Come Back" has one of those annoyingly clean and simple guitar riffs looped throughout the track that forces its way into your consciousness, only spoiled by the cringeworthy middle eight which appears to be a hallmark of this genre. Ah well. They're crowd pleasing and professional. It's just a shame the tracks themselves are just a bit dull.

I'm Yours: O'Donoghue gets the opportunity to show off his vocal prowess with a few nice a cappella moments, but it's Mark Sheenan on guitar that provides the backbone to this performance. A more than able guitarist, he has the occasional flourish but admittedly has little opportunity to show off the true extent of his ability.

We Cry: Some bands on this bill can certainly be accused of sticking to a musical formula and never deviating from it. The Script are the main offenders tonight. Throw in some upbeat drumming, a simplistic melody, a high note for O'Donoghue to hit at the end of the phrase and the occasional foray into R&B and there you have it. Great for twenty minutes, not for a performance that last more than an hour.

Rating: 7/10


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