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Vital 2011 - Our Krypton Son

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ATL | 12:30 UK time, Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Next Stage, 4pm
Tuesday 23rd of August

Describe in a tweet: Genuine promise and some gorgeous songwriting.

What happened: It's a shame there's only 5 people knocking around for the start of Our Krypton Son's set as the masses miss a graceful beginning to Tennent's Vital. There's shades of Calexico and the Decemberists in the first track, with relatively simplistic but well chosen accompaniment to the gruff vocals of Christopher McConaghy. It's not all doom and gloom, however. One track we're tentatively titling "Memories" has all of the jaunty hallmarks of Elliott Smith at his peak and it's genuinely enthralling at times. The band never really settle on one solid sound, meandering through genres from track to track, but that keeps it fresh. There's a lot more to come from Our Krypton Son: let's hope there's a few more people watching next time round.

I'm Yours: 'Catalonian Love Song' is a brilliantly produced track. With a melody that grabs you by surprise with its minor twists and major turns it's destined to get a fair bit of radio play and a very impressive track.

We Cry: One or two songs do need tightened up a little and it would be a good idea for Our Krypton Son to be a little more ruthless in trimming tracks. On record it's forgivable but it can make or break a performance live.

Rating: 7/10


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