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Vital 2011 - OFWGKTA

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ATL | 15:08 UK time, Thursday, 25 August 2011

Main Stage, 5.40pm
Wednesday the 24th of August 2011

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Don’t believe the hype. Odd yes, future no.

Photo by Carrie Davenport


What Happened: This collective based around Tyler (the self-proclaimed “creator”) are much beloved of the hip and chattering classes on the basis of their live shows. This must be the wrong setting entirely, because there’s nothing of note here. The muddy and indistinct raps lack flow, and degenerate into a mess of vocals straining over the top of each other, and what little can be made out is unoriginal and boring, seeming to miss that the misogyny often apparently present in good rap and hip-hop was ironic and making a point. The prancing about on stage involving a stool and a kid’s bike doesn’t make up for it, nor does going into the crowd for the tamest mosh-pit this side of opera. As for repeatedly shouting “Flip the police!” (editor’s note: Not necessarily their choice of words), well, NWA did it a long time ago, a lot better, and with a lot more reason.

Lose Yourself: It passes the time

Guilty Conscience: The songs aren’t good enough to forgive the fiasco of the performance, which isn’t good enough to overcome weakness of the songs. A vicious circle(pit).

Rating: 5/10


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