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Vital 2011 - A Plastic Rose

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ATL | 16:16 UK time, Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Next Stage, 8.45pm
Tuesday 23rd August

A Plastic Rose at Vital 2011, photo by Carrie Davenport


Describe in a tweet: The AP-Army represent.

What happened: Just what you'd expect from the most reliable band in the country - big songs, endless interaction and a crowd leaping into the palms of their hands. From the opening bars of 'The Colour Blue', anyone within earshot is intrigued as to what may be in store. As a result, we've the biggest second stage crowd of the day and a lot of people watching their new favourite band.

I'm Yours: It's too obvious to go with 'Kids' and it's built in crowd baiting, so lets go for 'Oceans', it's too often overlooked little brother. Granted it doesn't come with Gerry Norman testifying half way through, but it's as epic as anything we've heard today.

We Cry: The panic that comes with APR being told they need to get a move on and play their last song (The Script are waiting), only for Gerry to decide to tell us his life story (felt like that anyway). Don't get us wrong, this band wouldn't be so entertaining if it wasn't for Gerry's meandering chats, but we also lost 'Metal Man' somewhere along the way.

Rating: 8/10


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