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Havana House Party, Ginxed and more - Aunt Annies, Belfast

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ATL | 14:41 UK time, Friday, 12 August 2011

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Havana House Party, Ginxed, Kami Kids, Heavy Set Bayonet
Aunt Annies, Belfast
Tuesday the 9th of August 2011

As they bound on stage in the seemingly cavernous Auntie Annie’s, it’s clear that Derry lads Heavy Set Bayonet are a little nervous and appear to have some timing issues. Despite this they have some great tracks on show to impress the handful of punters lingering round the venue. Throughout the set the band seem to relax a little, and it pays off. “This Again” is a great showcase for their song writing talents, combining frantic electro riffs, (certainly reminiscent of local giants Two Door Cinema Club) and hooky Alex Turner-esque vocals. With more sure-footed live performances in the future I’m sure they can go a long way.

Kami Kids commence their performance tonight with a new song that begins with some simple percussion, but then builds into a crescendo of electro pop goodness featuring two vocalists, lead guitar, drums, keys and synths. Despite some intermittent sound difficulties with the keys that leave some songs sounding a little bare, it’s a solid set. “Candide” is probably their most reputable tune of the night, and right from the opening notes it demands your attention, delicately showering us with refreshingly thought-provoking lyrics. There is plenty more to look forward to with a new E.P on the cards for later this year.

The crowd has certainly increased now but most still seem to be feeling a bit lackadaisical. It’s a pity because GinXed pump out just the kind of well refined set that could potentially kick off a party, full of impressive lead guitar riffs and soaring choruses straight from the 80’s rock handbook. We’re not really hearing anything new here, but it’s a great live performance and a band well worth checking out if you fancy yourself as a bit of a rocker.

The night is rounded off with Havana House Party’s own brand of refreshing and slightly tropical indie pop. Their bouncy upbeat melodies lure the first of tonight’s dancers to the floor, and there are even a few crowd members singing along. It’s not all without fault though, as the subtle shoegazey lead vocals are occasionally drowned out, and some of their intricate and intertwining riffs see them slip up occasionally, but they persevere and it sounds pretty impressive. “All Go All The Time” and “Monsters” are the standout tunes of tonight’s performance, and with new E.P “Demons” on the way in the coming months, things are looking promising.

Jamie Glover


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