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Grand Forever, Lowly Knights + more - Aunt Annies, Belfast

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ATL | 15:38 UK time, Monday, 8 August 2011

Grand Forever, Lowly Knights, The Unprotected, Captain Cameron

Aunt Annies, Belfast
Sunday 7th of August 2011

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Weird bill, this. We've two bands in the middle making a relatively peaceful racket, perfect for a Sunday evening, sandwiched by a party instrumental outfit and….The Unprotected.

The Unprotected seem to be a vehicle for professional show-off and social butterfly David Rooney. He spends the gig on the floor, dancing with/at punters, singing on their lap and being gloriously theatrical. It's great fun, if a little terrifying for those close to the stage. Duke Special makes an unexpected cameo, throwing himself around during a raucous take on '20th Century Boy'. Surreal.

Whether they'll bother polishing their own tracks (and decent songs are in their somewhere) remains to be seen, but for now we don't care, as some of us are waiting for the gig to end so we can safely negotiate our way to the toilet.

Captain Cameron is the calm after that particular storm, gentle folk and grizzly vocals courtesy of David Clements, former vocalist with Six Star Hotel. Sprawling tracks win over a chatty crowd before an Aerosmith cover knocks us for six. Man, that guy can SING.

It's a visibly tired Lowly Knights up next, doing their best to shake off a post-Forfey funk. Those new tracks suit their mood, packed with reserved charm and sweet hooks. Having said that, in a set of glimmering highlights, 'Devotion' still stands out.

It's all about Grand Forever tonight, the London based four-piece made up of old friends we'll recognise from Six Star and Panama Kings. An instrumental band without the aggression, without the chin-strokery, without the po face - this lot are just about the fun. Luke is hammering that synth with ludicrous enthusiasm, Tim is bounding about the stage topless. 'Two Hour Day' is an instant highlight, wonky and full of fizz. They'll promise sexy riffs at one point (totally delivering, by the way) before endearing us further with talk of being home. A vocal-less band they may be, but one that glows in the dark.



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