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Belsonic 2011 - Villagers

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ATL | 13:45 UK time, Thursday, 25 August 2011

supporting Elbow
Wednesday the 24th fo August 2011

Describe in a Tweet: Honey I think we have been here before.

What Happened: I don't think Villagers have actually left Belfast in the last year, having seemingly played here more in the last 365 days than a lot of our higher profile local acts. A problem arises in that it is easy to compare and contrast these performances, as ATL have been to all of these gigs. Tonight's set bares a striking resemblance to the one they performed when supporting the Fleet Foxes during the Open House Festival... actually it's pretty much exactly the same. If we play out their set like a football match it would go like so: Slow start in the first half, a few hiccups but nothing to complain about at half time. Then they get stuck into the game scoring a blinder with 'Pieces' - the crowd goes wild. They see it fit to try out a few untested numbers, and then seal the deal with a whirlwind strike in the form of 'Ship of Promises'.

My Very Best: The Villagers band were on top form tonight, and Conor O'Brien has tanked up. He still looks like a choir boy, but a choir boy who would steal your lunch money.

Grounds for Divorce: This is a very similar set to that of the set they played at this year's Open House Festival.

Belsonic Rating: 7/10


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