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Belsonic 2011 - Tinie Tempah

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ATL | 13:19 UK time, Thursday, 25 August 2011

Tinie Tempah
supported by Yasmin and Maverick Sabre
Monday the 22nd of August 2011

Decribe In A Tweet: There’s not a sinner who ain’t dancing to Mr Tempah’s hip-pop rave-up.

What Happened: “Tinie! Tempah!” hollers the DJ, whipping the crowd into, well, not so much a frenzy but more of a collective bounce with a high-energy journey through the past couple of years’ club classics. When Tinie does eventually emerge with his backing band, he strikes an imposing silhouette, hopping around the stage bellowing and rapping like a kid who’s been up past his bedtime on too much caffeine. What really impresses is that beyond his performance, snarling with his biting rap and a few asides about writing the album, is the flamboyant musicianship of the backing band which glues the whole thing together to make it interesting. It’s short and fast, but there’s still room for a double encore which leaves people gagging for that lighters (or smartphones) in the air moment with “Written In The Stars” and, of course, the inevitable “Pass Out”.

Wonderman: The ferocious guitars and hi-octane thrash of his backing band give the songs a 'rawk' edge, and they’re just as entertaining as Tinie himself - if not more.

Pass Out: Short set, and it would have been nicer to have seen a little more of the man himself instead of the "let's relive summer 2010" DJ set at the start of the performance.

Belsonic Rating: 8/10


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