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Willowstone 2011 - Robyn G Shiels

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ATL | 14:40 UK time, Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Main Stage 3.15pm


Tweet: G-whiz it’s Robyn, Shielding his eyes from the sun.


What happened?: “We’re going to play some nice songs for you.”  And so they did.  In what is a slightly strange setting for the often maudlin and melancholy tones of Mr Shiels, today accompanied by a band.  It’s so gentle, unhurried and unassuming that it can seem a bit thrown together, which distracts from the quality of song-writing.  The changing delicacy and quiet power recalls the likes of Bon Iver or quieter Devendra Banhart, in spirit, if not in practice, sparse, delicate song-writing brought to focus by the lack of accoutrements.  “Where Has All The Love Gone” is carried by piano, a late night whiskey song if ever there was one, and seemingly the place has got colder as a result.  Even the relatively up-tempo ‘All Hope Lay Dying’ isn’t exactly a happy song, and so the crowd are a bit nonplussed.


Shining Light: ‘Where Has All The Love Gone’ – hurry up and record this please, so we can enjoy it more.


Meltdown: Probably Robyn himself.  He’s bound to be suffering away from the dark, dank bars that are his spiritual home.  If he melted, we wouldn’t be surprised.


Rating: 7/10





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