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Oxegen 2011 - Royseven

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ATL | 17:11 UK time, Sunday, 10 July 2011

Vodafone Stage, Sunday, 3.15pm

Describe in a Tweet: They're big in Germany.

What happened: If you can imagine My Chemical Romance, minus the angst and good artwork, plus add in a dose of the Script you'd have Royseven. They appear to have been forged in a petri dish from the dna of some leftover bands from 5 years ago. There are a few rawk shapes but the music is ultimately a little too MOR to suit the effort. New album title track 'You Say We Say' and tunes such as 'We March On' are attempts at bombast, and contain all the constituent parts but fall short of the elusive formula that bonds audience and artist.

Don't get us wrong, the band are incredibly well rehearsed and they have attracted a die hard audience but at no time is there an element of anything meaningful, dangerous or even passionate here. Maybe we're still feeling the afterglow of the Foo Fighters lesson in how to put on a rock show. Just pressing the distortion pedal or carrying a flag does not automatically release the spirit of rock. It seems that Royseven have sacrificed edge for polish which is, if you pardon the pun a 'Killer'.

Crazy In Love: They're a well oiled machine,

Why Don't You Love Me: They're big in Germany. So is the Hoff. And Schuplatter dancing.

Oxegen rating: 5/10


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