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Oxegen 2011 - Neon Trees

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ATL | 21:04 UK time, Sunday, 10 July 2011

Green Spheres, Sunday, 2pm

Describe in a Tweet: They've got the persona, but the music is missing in action.

What happened: Opening the Green Spheres tent on Sunday was always going to be a bit of a difficult job, but Neon Trees are wide awake and trying to get the party started. Their brand of teenage orientated new wave pop has a melody or two in there but to be honest, it's all just a bit dull. They've got a fairly polished formulaic approach to their music and there's some nice rhythms in there due to the able drumming of Elaine Bradley but nothing particularly stands out.

The track In The Next Room delivers one gem from the show, with a bassline that sounds like it's been ripped from Soft Cell's version of Tainted Love (no bad thing in this reviewer's book) but in reality the main attraction for Neon Trees seems to be the crazy Tyler Green making the stage his own. He dances like a madman, he runs to the crowd and every track seems to have 30 seconds dedicated for a dance solo. In all honesty it's a bit ridiculous.

Crazy In Love: The act's final track Animal gets the crowd really going and it's quite fun: there's a few embellishments thrown into the mix but it's the band's strongest song (and biggest hit for that matter). It's a good way to go out on a mediocre set.

Why Don't You Love Me: 1983 marks a low point, when Green starts doing the hand jive from Grease to pad the set. It's funny, but it's a poor attempt to distract from what could only be described as a filler.

Oxegen rating: 5/10


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