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Oxegen 2011 - Kitty, Daisy & Lewis

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ATL | 16:36 UK time, Sunday, 10 July 2011

2fm/Hotpress Stage, Saturday, 6.20pm

Describe in a Tweet: A performance reminiscent of the Mad Hatter's Tea Party and just as enjoyable to boot.

What happened: It's very, very difficult to pigeonhole Kitty, Daisy & Lewis: to be honest, that's most of the fun. The band switch from swing jazz to blues Buddy Holly would be proud of and even dip their toes in the reggae pool and while it makes for a slightly disjointed performance, it keeps things fresh and intriguing. There's a strong feeling that we're witnessing a performance of three different songwriters helping each other out when it's their time in the spotlight as the drummer becomes the lead guitarist then sings backing vocals while accompanying on the piano.

The tracks they perform are fantastic, though. The swing tracks such as Goin' Back (To The Land of Make Believe) benefit a great deal from delightful walking basslines and the crowd are waltzing in a carefree manner in the mud, with harmonies flooding in beautifully. The addition of a trumpeter to proceedings takes things up a notch: with warm guitars and some great melodies Kitty Daisy & Lewis could slot perfectly into the soundtrack of the Jungle Book or feature at a 1960s dance. All in all, it's a great show and may well be one of the best sets we'll see this weekend.

Crazy In Love: There's one particular stand out swing track that stands out in team ATL's mind: with nice question and answer vocals between Kitty and Daisy while Lewis effortlessly nails a slick guitar part, it's a captivating moment.

Why Don't You Love Me: There's a significant amount of instrument swapping taking place on stage and it does become distracting after a while, with the constant starting and stopping preventing any chance of a flowing, cohesive set.

Oxegen rating: 9/10


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