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Oxegen 2011 - Foo Fighters

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ATL | 16:05 UK time, Sunday, 10 July 2011

Main Stage, Saturday, 11.25pm

Describe in a Tweet: It's time's like these you learn to live again.

What happened: Over the last two decades Foo Fighters have built a reputation as one of the best live acts in the world, so naturally enough we have quite high expectations. Fortunately for us, our ridiculously high expectations are met and perhaps even exceeded.

Dave Grohl's appetite for rock and roll is insatiable and often hard to keep up with. He runs from side to side of the stage like a rock and roll triple jumper only stopping to acknowledge and encourage his band mates.

It's clear the Foo's are in this for the long haul this evening, with Dave Grohl exclaiming that he wont stop until they 'pull the plug'. As Spinal Tap would put it 'tonight they're gonna gonna rock us, tonight'.

The two hour set see's new material, old classics, Taylor Hawking singing solo, a Queen cover, a guitar riff-off and a sea of sweat. The main stage is completely rammed and ATL's excursion into the pit leaves us totally exhilarated by the punters energy and also scared for our lives at getting caught in the screaming fans pushing to the front.

Dave Grohl decides to forego the encore formalities instead choosing to keep the hit conveyor belt flowing. During 'Wheels' Grohl ditches the band and makes a very impassioned speech to the Oxegen punters, declaring them to be 'Foo Fighters people'. To be honest we thought he was going to cry at one point during his state of the festival speech, and had he ATL would have been frost in line with the hankies.

Crazy In Love: The Foo Fighters dropping 'Monkey Wrench' may have been the ATL highlight of the weekend so far.

Why Don't You Love Me: The mammoth two hour set exhausts the crowd. The fatigued punters took to sitting down to watch the final few tracks.

Oxegen rating: 8/10


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