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Oxegen 2011 - Example

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ATL | 15:48 UK time, Saturday, 9 July 2011

Green Spheres Stage, Friday, 8pm

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Example of how to please Oxegen punters.

What happened: It's the first time ATL has seen a tent bunged today, and the punters are spilling out around the outskirts. This is the Oxegen party we know so well, the metaphoric roof is being raised with Example and his band playing a blinder and throwing the beats and hooks out willy-nilly. 'Won't Go Quietly' blasts throw our rib cages, while the traditional chants of 'Ole Ole' makes Example promise more tunes. Some new material surprisingly goes down a storm, while 'Kickstarts' and 'Changed The Way You Kiss Me' sends the packed crowd bonkers.

Crazy In Love: The fact everybody still raved away to the new tunes which look set to continue Examples reign of the charts.

Why Don't You Love Me: With every large crowd, is a healthy batch of melters. Some people are getting a little over enthused.

Oxegen rating: 8/10


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