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Oxegen 2011 - Eels

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ATL | 16:52 UK time, Sunday, 10 July 2011

2fm/Hotpress Stage, Saturday, Midnight

Describe in a Tweet: More hairy than slippy.

What happened: Eels like to mix it up. The last time they played Belfast, it was a stipped down, quiet affair in The Mandela Hall. Here at Oxegen, it's all about the rock n' roll, as E is joined by what looks like five of his drinking buddies, old-skool musicians, each hairier than the next.

They've quite a big back catalogue to draw from, but only a handful of the well known tracks are played tonight as only a handful would work.

'Flyswatter' and 'Souljacker Pt 1' being the best examples, both sounding even scrappier than on record, drenched in whiskey and good times.

Crazy In Love: E's beard is so vast and square it looks completely fake. He's in great form and his band introductions are a highlight of the set. These guys are having great fun and it's very infectious. We also buzzed off how the two piece brass section turned their back to us and bowed their heads when not needed.

Why Don't You Love Me: We miss songs like 'Susan's House' and 'It's a M***********' - the downside of a band limiting what they can do.

Oxegen rating: 7/10


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