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Oxegen 2011 - Beady Eye

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ATL | 23:33 UK time, Saturday, 9 July 2011

Main stage, Saturday, 8.05pm

Describe in a Tweet: We really want to like Beady Eye, but....

What happened: Look, we tried. It always bugged this reviewer how trendy it was to slag Oasis - doubly so, Beady Eye. How we'd have loved to proudly declare Liam's new band are, in fact, awesome. If not the future of music, at least solid. But, about two thirds the way through their set, we start to lose focus. Momentarily we forget we're alive, let alone watching a band. Forced into indifference, ATL heads off to watch the Vaccines.

Crazy In Love: It had started splendidly. Four Letter Word is better than anything we'd heard from Oasis in the last few years. It's urgent and epic enough to match Liam's aura. Not long after we get The Roller and Millionaire, both, erm... as good as anything we've heard from Oasis in the last few years. Then... well, we're not sure... oh yeah, we're watching a band, right?

Why Don't You Love Me: If Liam's all about fashion these days, we'd like to point out that the trackie-top-under-a-mac look doesn't really work.

Oxegen rating: 5/10 (it was a great start)


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