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Glasgowbury 2011 - Mojo Fury

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ATL | 14:00 UK time, Monday, 25 July 2011

Small But Massive, 9.45pm

Describe in a Tweet: A pure assault on the senses as the sun sets

What Happened: Here's a band that is so slick they look and sound like they could already have made it internationally. There's nothing not to like here, between the instrumentals interwoven into the set, the reverb-laden guitars echoing over the hills as the sun disappears, and the aching, endless waves of frantic sound, highlighted by a voice that is unadulterated vulnerable cracked emotion.

It's not just a rock-splurge either, these guys have mastered the art of performance. They know exactly when to rein themselves in, and when to unleash tortured, unfettered angst-ridden fury on their congregation.

Goldstar: 'What Better Secret', and its repeated chants of "thank you very much" and spot on cello accompaniment, is spine-tingling stuff. And the finale: agonised screams of "We Should Run Away" on the closing track of the same name, ending in a cacophony of guitars and a fight with one of the hooded figures. Magic.

Lost At Sea: Looking at those poor frozen gorilla-headed lads either side of stage, stripped to the waist , makes ATL feel even colder than we thought was possible. And listening to mojoFURY inspires a yearning to hear them in a small room with people packed to the gills. Definitely next on the gig list…

Rating: 9/10


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