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Pigstock 2011 - The Rupture Dogs

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Rigsy | 16:34 UK time, Saturday, 28 May 2011


Main Stage, Saturday, 28th May 2pm

Describe in a tweet: The Rupture Pups reign supreme.

What happened?:
 It's the look-a-like half hour with Alan McGreevy looking every part the Dave Grohl prototype while brother Gareth looks like a DNA mash up of Kurt Cobain and Donny Tourette. This afternoon they are confident, loud and damn heavvy. Opener 'Back to Life' sounds gargantuan live, it sends out a Tarzan-esque jungle call for the festival punters to assemble that is met with vivacious reciprocation. They draw the biggest crowd of the day so far.

It's an assured and sweet move for the guys to invite two thirteen year old kids onto stage to play a song with their slightly bewildered looking bass player. Dogs really are mans best friend.

Silk Purse: The Rupture Dogs welcome on stage two kids to play a song. Those kids rock, watch out lads, the old get older and the young get stronger.

Sow's Ear: The rain frazzling Gareth McGreevy's pedal board. How is he meant to rock with only one distortion pedal?

Pigstock Rating: 8/10



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