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Pigstock 2011 - The Bonnevilles

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Rigsy | 15:55 UK time, Saturday, 28 May 2011


Gem Saloon, Saturday, 28th May 2pm

Describe in a tweet: Triumph over adversity in game of two halves.

The Bonnevilles performing live on the Gem Saloon stage at Pigstock Festival 2011, Killinchy, Co. Down, Northern Ireland



What happened?: The start of this relatively early set from The Bonnevilles appears to be dogged with sound issues. There is audible hum beyond the capabilities of any vintage and a guitar is sacrificed early on after breathing its last at the start of the second song. Substitute in hand, Andy and Chris rip through a tight, punchy set of swampy blues rock, making a noise a four piece would be pushed to produce let alone a duo. We're thinking of scenes from True Blood as yet unsoundtracked which need to be fixed by this lot. '1000', recently performed in session for ATL, makes us rise up with fists, and punch the air. Singer Andy informs us that the relatively high percentage of ladies at Pigstock is 'mostly a good thing', and with a wink they disappear back to the bayou.

Silk Purse: Musically it has to be 'Hard Tale Lurgan Blues'. Tried and tested at this stage, but still one of the finest weapons in an increasingly formidable armoury. A fine show stopper. Also the renaming of 'Good Suits and Fightin Boots' to 'Daisy Dukes and Wellie Boots'. 

Sow's Ear: These are finely crafted songs, intricate and demanding attention that at times was difficult to muster for a crowd dealing the night before.

Pigstock Rating: 8/10



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