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Pigstock 2011 - Team Fresh

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Rigsy | 22:16 UK time, Saturday, 28 May 2011


Main Stage Saturday 28th May 7:00pm

Tweet: Under fresh-ure, raining down on me.

Team Fresh perform at the Pigstock Festival 2011, Killinchy, Northern Ireland May 28th 2011


What Happened?: (more) North coast nutters try to take over the world.  Nearly succeed for some of the audience.

Silk Purse: They're great fun live, engaging the audience through the bribery of free stuff, and bring a nice bit of fun to what they do, mixing 'Buckfast and Ganja' with more intelligent self-referencing - 'Rappers Not Comedians' acknowledges the unusual juxtaposition of a bunch of lads from North coast doing hip-hop while 'Causeway Rebel' doesn't try to paint them as gangstas but instead points out their skater heritage.  

Sow’s Ear: If you don't like rap-rock, you'll probably hate them.  And the rain will discourage you from even giving them a chance.  Indeed their untitled new track that represents the practice room should probably be left there until it's fit for public consumption.  Even worse we are mentally scarred by the sight of audience members displaying too much flesh.

Pigstock Rating: 6/10



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