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Pigstock 2011 - Ram's Pocket Radio

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Rigsy | 20:25 UK time, Saturday, 28 May 2011

Gem Saloon, Saturday 28th May 6.05pm

Describe in a tweet: Utterly magnificent, catch them while they're still ours.

Ram's Pocket Radio perform at Pigstock Festival 2011, Killinchy co. Down, Northern Ireland 28th May 2011



What happened?: It's an odd situation when, after set, a band feel like they've played a below par gig but the audience is wrapt and buzzing. Ladies and gentlemen we're witnessing the rise of something special in Peter Mcauley's band. Of all of our many bright stars, Ram's Pocket Radio seems set to shoot furthest and a destiny beyond Northern Ireland looks imminent. So many of these songs sound familiar yet all take interesting tangets of rhythm and tempo. It's pop, Jim but not as know it. 'Dieter Rams Has Got the Pocket Radio' is the opening gambit.'Coal, My Lips Are Sealed' sends an already convinced set of onlookers into joyful spasms, and even the brand new material is instant enough to keep the pace breakneck.

Silk Purse: Apart from the sign in the crowd, the contents of which, we cannot relay to you due to legal reasons? Probably the collective sense of being at something that's about to potentially turn massive. 

Sow's Ear: Peter at one point asks the audience 'are you listening?'. Course we are, dummy!


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