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Pigstock 2011 - Mental Deficiency

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Rigsy | 20:53 UK time, Saturday, 28 May 2011


Mental Deficiency play the Pigstock 2011 festival, 28th May 2011, Killinchy, Co Down, Northern Ireland.


Main Stage, Saturday, 28th  May  4.20pm

Describe in a tweet: Spandex, masks, crowns and chaos!


 What happened?:  For a bit of a joke act Mental Deficiency sure managed to pull a crowd. It's difficult to imagine ever playing their music at home while chilling out but there's something about the madness in a field surrounded by frazzled campers and rain drenched sheep that makes this work. Mr Majestic's outfits range from nothing but silver paint, to red spandex catsuits and crowns while his guitarists sport eery masks and the stage is guarded at every angle by security guards who wouldn't look out of place in Top Gun! Honestly we can't really remember the tunes - we were too distracted by all the chaos and too busy laughing at the crowd chanting GHHGHB!

Silk Purse: The almighty craic - the show was hilarious, just what the crowd needed to shake their camping hangovers and get thoroughly stuck into the night ahead.

Sow's Ear: The spandex catsuit is an outfit we did not need to see - it will haunt our dreams for weeks to come.

Pigstock Rating: 7/10


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