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Pigstock 2011 - Hero In Error

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Rigsy | 21:25 UK time, Saturday, 28 May 2011

Engine Room, Saturday 28th May 1.15pm

Describe in a tweet: "five more tunes! five more tunes!"

Hero In Error play Pigstock Festival 2011 Killinchy Northern Ireland May 28th 2011





What happened?:

After taking the slightly scenic route to get here (no they weren't lost honest!) Hero In Error  treat their smaller than it should be pigstock crowd as if its an arena audience. Frontman Anto spends half his time leaping from the stage to the crowd then back swinging the mic dangersouly close to removing their guitarists eye! Drummer Stephen is literally smoking as the heat from the lights turns the rain into steam rising off his back like he's on fire! EP Track 'The High Point Of New Lows' sees the crowd finally get as raucous as the band and the whole set is topped off with a chant for  not one but "5 more tunes". 

Silk Purse: These lads mean business. Their stage presence alone shows they're aiming for big things and they have the tunes to back it up! A thoroughly outstanding performance which has left many ears ringing!

Sow's Ear: When we chanted "5 more tunes" they only played one more - next time try harder lads!!


Pigstock Rating: 8/10


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