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Pigstock 2011 - Abandcalled B.O.Y

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Rigsy | 18:55 UK time, Saturday, 28 May 2011

Main Stage, Saturday, 28th May 2:50pm

Describe in a tweet: B.O.Y meets world.

A Band Called BOY perform on the main stage of Pigstock 2011, Killinchy Northern Ireland Saturday May 28th 2011


What happened?:
  A Band Called B.O.Y are a familiar site to ATL. They are a band designed to play psychotic, unhinged, loose shows in dirty little toilet venues, and that is were the B.O.Y's make sense. The main stage seems a little daunting to the guys, they don't take to it as well as The Burnt Reynolds or The Rupture Dogs before them. New single 'Teenage Parasite' is a banger, it is most definitly the highlight of the set. Overall the guys played a good set, it's just it would have probably suited the Gem Saloon a little better.

Silk Purse: The bass player playing so hard that he bust his hand and bled all over his axe.

Sow's Ear: The guys are much more suited to small sweaty venues than the main stage but they have plenty of time on their side. 

Pigstock Rating: 6/10



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