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Packing for Pigstock.....

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Rigsy | 14:05 UK time, Friday, 27 May 2011

There'll be no messing about at Pigstock tonight. While Amy melts her own brain trying to work out who to see at Primavera, myself, Paul, photographer Carrie and ATL reviewer William Johnson will be enjoying a nice, stress-free evening in Killinchy, safe in the knowledge there's only one stage operating tonight and no difficult choices to make.



So that means I'll definitely get to see Mojo Fury again (I missed their album launch) and a post 'Gangs' ASIWYFA. I'll definitely find out if Axis Of have found a way to be even noisier and full on than they were in Mandela Hall last year and if Event Horses are as good live as they are on record. I wasn't hugely impressed by Bomb City 7 when I saw them a few weeks back, but I hear great things, so it's good a second viewing is definitely on the cards. As for Shades of Jonah - well, I know nothing about them. They're my wild card.

While day 2 of Pigstock is set to be very special indeed, with a whole mess of bands spread across three stages, competing with a new Spoken Word tent (and the Champions League final), I'm looking forward to a pressure free run of performances all in the same place. As I say, no messing about. It'll ease us all in nice and gently for what could be the noisiest weekend of the year.


The ATL Blog will publish revews and pictures of every band's set within minutes of them coming off stage. You can also follow us on Twitter (#pigstock) for more!



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