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ATL | 16:39 UK time, Friday, 25 February 2011


Ever get a tune stuck in your head after one single play? Before the track's even been recorded? This has happened me twice in the last year.

The first time was at Oxegen 2010, when Cara Cowan joined Panama Kings for a song called (I think) 'On My Side'. I instantly loved it and was grateful to hear it twice more (at Glasgowbury and, a few weeks later,in Auntie Annies) before the band split up, with that gorgeous little track set to remain trapped in Niall Kennedy's brain all unrecorded and sad. I could near sing every word right now, so maybe I'll record it myself.

The second time was last Sunday night at the 'New Blood' showcase gig in Belfast. It had been a decent enough day watching 11 boxfresh bands in the Spring and Airbreak before The Wonder Villains stole the show with one single track.


'Zola', being played for only the second time ever, is a hit record. An all conquering hit record. With the words HIT RECORD spray painted on it's side in giant, neon letters in case you don't catch on straight away. The chorus sounds a bit like 'Jeepers Creepers' and yes, it's quite literally a song about Gianfranco Zola, that odd looking pint-sized Italian footballer.

I can't wait to hear it again, if only to reassure myself that yes, it really is pop gold. Oh, and if The Wonder Villains are reading - hurry up and record this already. I can't quite remember all the words so the version in my head, with made-up lyrics inserted were required, is doing you no favours at all.....



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