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The Ghost of Two Door's Past

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ATL | 16:10 UK time, Friday, 14 January 2011

Getting hyped for what ended up gig of the year - their homecoming at The Mandela Hall - I was watching Two Door Cinema Club videos last month.

Thinking back to when ATL first met Alex and co, I typed 'Life without Rory' into the search and, to my delight, someone had uploaded a little treat.

It was 2005 and the first ATL Rockschool - an X-Factor style 'battle of the bands' type show we hosted in Belfast. Life Without Rory performed first on the night and featured Alex Trimble and Sam Halliday and Kev Baird.

I wasn't sure if the lads would be keen on reliving the 'Rockschool' experience, so I shied away from sharing my find.



But watching the video again today, I've changed my mind. It's a scrappy enough performance, but still something for the lads to be extremely proud of. For a start, they couldn't have been much older than 16. It's pretty incredible that they were already making such an interesting racket, finding their feet and tweaking a unique sound that would eventually flourish into one of finest albums we've ever had come out of Northern Ireland.

When I was 16 - well, I can't allow myself to think about the music my first band were creating for fear of my toes curling themselves inside out.

And furthermore - if there's anything to be embarrassed about in this video, it's my shirt and (lack of) hair. If I'm brave enough to share that with our online readers - hopefully Two Door Cinema Club will overlook this cheeky delve into their not-so-murky past.




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