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Last Goodbye...

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ATL | 15:10 UK time, Friday, 28 January 2011

On Saturday night/Sunday morning, at around 1.55am, Joe Lindsay will play the last record on his last 'After Midnight' show. It'll most likely be an REM track, probably something pre-Green. I know this because I know Joe reasonably well and knowing Joe means knowing his music. The guy lives for it. Great music, daft comedy and movies. But mostly great music.

And some dodgy tunes, mind. I don't always agree with his taste. Some of those bootlegs he's played on Radio Ulster over the years - some of them didn't work for me. And recently, on Facebook, he was dissing Liam Gallagher. Which didn't go down well chez Rigs - I lived for Oasis during britpop and still consider both Noel and Liam a hugely entertaining prospect. I can't remember if I had a go at Joe (sometimes it's hard to keep up with my own grievances) but I should have.

He made up for it though, discussing the merits of 'Out of Time', an often overlooked, glorious little bag-of-treats of an album by the aforementioned REM. And when I called for back up in a discussion regarding the latest horrendous abomination by Kesha (I refuse to give her her $), Joe was there for me.

Then on last week's show (which I had on the iPlayer) he played Madness and Vanishing Point era Primal Scream back to back, just as I discovered my cat had vomited down the back of the piano. He made the clean up operation bareable and for that I'll always be grateful.

Anyway, the only person in the BBC who gets anywhere near as much love from team ATL is a guy called Steven Rainey. And the only person who gets close to Joe when it comes to train-spottery levels of enthusiasm for his music is a guy called.... Steven Rainey.

Steven takes over from Joe on Saturday week for a bit. So yeah - one magnificent specimin replaces another. The blow has been softened, for sure.



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