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Where's Your Head At? - Darwin Deez

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ATL | 15:00 UK time, Sunday, 7 November 2010

Darwin Deez


Indie pop New Yorker, Darwin Deez announced his arrival earlier this year with his debut album, 'Lucky Number’.  Single 'Radar Detector' seemed to be on constant rotation on every radio across the land and his reputation for fun filled live shows was cemented at the summer’s festivals, including Oxegen in July.

But before he lands in Belfast for a show at the Limelight on Wednesday, ATL thought we'd find out a little more background on our musical guest. So like the gentleman he is, Darwin let the guard down and had a bit of a heart to heart with ATL.


Wheres your head at?
Please answer the questions below honestly and we will attempt to cure you.

What is your earliest memory?
Running down the big grassy hill outside my parents' student housing apartment in Chapel Hill, North Carolina with a paper cup filled with frozen water in my hand. Why? to board the bookmobile--a bus filled with library books.

What is your first musical memory?
Marvin Gaye's "Grapevine." hated it. still do.

Tell us about your childhood.
I was loved. 100%.

Describe your self as a teenager.
Drum 'n Bass enthusiast. Afro. Brown polyester pants everyday.

Do you have any recurring dreams or nightmares?
No but on the plane from Malaysia today i dreamt the person in front of me was reclining his seat way, way too far. And i also dreamed of a melody.

When did you last cry?
On said plane. was having an emotional discussion with best friend/bassist Mash Deez.

Do you respect authority?
of course i do...

What is your deepest fear?
death...? hell...? hell.

Tell us in one sentence what makes you happy?
Nuzzling my face into the neck of a soft and caring woman.

Tell us one secret that you have never or at least rarely told someone
hmm...all the interesting ones are too racy... i'm a selfish person. how's that?


Darwin Deez plays the Limelight, Belfast on Wednesday the 10th of November.



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